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We all have heard of IQ - which measures 2 Intelligences - namely Verbal and Numerical.
But we all have come across people who can make friends easily and some who can't - well, this is also an Intelligence.
We know of graceful dancers and others who "have 2 left feet"! Well, this again, is an Intelligence.
According to Prof. Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligence - each and everyone has 8 Intelligences.
We score differently on each. The Strength Finder is the Multiple Intelligence Developmental Assessment Scale (the ONLY assessment recommended by Prof. Gardner).
This online test gives you an indication of the levels that you are at - on each of the 8 Intelligences.
Knowing this helps : students to identify a career path which is "in sync" with their inherent intelligence.
Adults too can benefit by this and try to find a job which they could be passionate about.

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