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Awaken the Genius is part of the group of companies owned & controlled by Jas & Maneesh Johari and is actively involved in training people on ‘How to Improve the Efficiency of using the Brain’.

Jas established ‘Jungle Book’ almost 15 years ago and is since been able to empower numerous children with a variety of skills. She is the FIRST Indian to be Licensed by the Buzan organization in teaching the technique of ‘Mind Maps’, originated by ‘Tony Buzan’. She then went on to get the Advanced License which permitted her to teach ‘Speed Reading’ and ‘Memory techniques’.

She was then trained & authorized to interpret the results of the Multiple Intelligence Assessment based on the Theory of Multiple intelligences by Prof. Howard Gardner. She is the National Training Director of ‘Thinking Schools International India” and trains faculty members in introducing ‘Thinking Maps’; ‘Thinking Dispositions” and “Questioning for Enquiry”.

Maneesh is the CEO of the only centre in India of Tony Buzan’s organization “Buzan Centre Pune, India” and also of ‘Thinking Schools International India’.

Maneesh and Jas are corporate trainers and have trained the Top and Senior levels in many renowned companies in India – since the last decade.


Serial Keys once purchased would not be refunded.